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I slip/ I slip

She: Hana Jo

I change shapes just to hide in this place but I'm still an animal
I feel somewhat obliged to write. To record a little of what I've been going through; or not. I've been facing the same shit since day01 but now, I think I have become nonchalant about life in general and I'm just living for the sake of well, living. Indifference. I don't know, really. There isn't anything that drives me. If only I could channel this energy into my work. Short attention spans, little quirks, drama, most times I don't want to be me. Oddly so because I have people telling me they would very much rather be in my shoes. Superficially I am supposing. Though, I'm very glad to have friends around me I can talk to at a deeper level and be comfortable aro
und. They truly make up my (current) life and all that there is to it.

On another note, I haven't been the least bit arty but I shan't blame it on a dry spell. Utter rubbish I'd say. Ivan tells me I'm talented, it's just I haven't been doing enough. Please let this be yet another wake up call. No sudden spurts of artistic expressions but one that picks up and bulldozes it's way through school and urm, life-for the lack of a better phrase.

Models for coming shoots: Athena, Colette, Vicky, Ally, Hana, Rachel (?) Melissa, Angelline. Anybody else wants to volunteer?

Random sketchbook pages.
I need to start DRAWINGioaj[m0( :(( !@%#^

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