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 I've started a new space for words from deep inside (x)


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so niceeeeee hahaha i dont know where you find the time to paint draw stuff.
painted them at work, I haven't done so in tooooo long. but thanks ^^ i haven't been on livejournal too long.
oooh. youre working! as what? hahaha yes you haven't. but i guess its because you have other blogs!
working for julia gabriel. teaching art to kiddos, if not i'll be in the office designing lessons etc. well, sort of, but i'm a mess, really
i like your dorky looking specs
I am dorky without the smarts
These are beautiful! What kind of camera did you use, if you don't mind me asking? :)
it was a point and shoot, thanks

Deleted comment

Where's that? It looks strongly familiar.
It's the perhentian islands in malaysia. Have you been there?